One Cash v2 officially launched

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Now the ONB price displayed on the home page is the market price, and the price displayed on the Bond page is debt system exchange price.

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One Cash improvement review

  • One Cash/One Share/One Bond token
  • Canceled the distribution of the initial five staking centralized stablecoin pools
  • The deployer mint 1000 One Cash and 1 One Share as initialization, and pair 200 One Cash and 1 One Share with Dai to start liquidity. The other 800 ONC have been burned
  • Rebase once every 8 hours
  • The upper limit of each rebase is 10%
  • The threshold for rebase is 1.02
  • One Share max cap is 50000 now. In the future, there may be additional issuance of 50,000 as a reward, or there may be no additional issuance
  • 45,000 will be linearly distributed to the One Cash-DAI LP pool within 3 months
  • 5,000 will be linearly distributed to the One Share-DAI LP pool within 3 months
  • The Boardroom will have two pools. One is the pool for staking ONS. One is the pool for staking ONS-DAI LP.
  • Rewards will be distributed to ONS pool and ONS-DAI LP pool in a ratio of 6:4.
  • The ONS-DAI LP pool in the Bank and the ONS-DAI LP pool in the Boardroom are two independent pools.
  • Which stake in boardroom is locked for 3 epochs. Inflation reward will not be locked and can be claimed immediately.
  • The lock-up time of the two pools in Boardroom is calculated independently. If you stake more during the lock-up period, the lock-up time will be recalculated.
  • If there is Bond waiting to be redeemed and in an inflation epoch, 50% of the inflation reward will be allocated to Boardroom each time.
  • The purchase price of ONB is related to the number of epochs in which ONC is in the deflationary epoch. For every additional epoch, the price of ONB to ONC is reduced by 0.02, and the minimum is 0.5 ONC: 1 ONB
  • The amount of ONB that can be purchased is related to the circulation of ONC. Each epoch of the deflation phase will generate ONC circulation * 0.02 ONB is available for purchase
  • There is no expiration time for ONB, and it can be exchanged back to ONC at any time, if there are ONC in the Treasury.
  • ONC is in a deflationary epoch when the price is lower than 0.98

ONB Value-Added system:

  • When the ONC price is lower than 0.95, each epoch of the Treasury will mint ONB as a reward for ONB holders
  • The quantity of each ONB minting = ONB circulation * 0.01
  • The rewarded ONB will be put into the new ONB-ONC LP liquidity pool
  • The ONB minted as a reward will be linearly released into this LP pool in each epoch







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